Thursday, 15 November 2012

Irish Debating :D

Today, Ciara, Orla and myself headed to a school in Bray, where our Irish debating competition was being held. Our motion was 'Senators and TD's should be able to choose the clothes that they wear in the Dáil', our team was for the motion. The captain of our team is Ciara, I am our second speaker and Orla is our third and final speaker. We had a great opportunity to practice our debate on numerous occasions throughout the day, thanks to Ms B. It was great having this opportunity to practice as it was of great benefit to us in our debate.
We arrived at our destination for our debate and went to practice our motion before the debate officially began. We ran through everything and were feeling confident, when a teacher from the hosting school came to retrieve us to bring us to the main hall where the debate was being held. Ms B. was there which was great as we had an opportunity to ask her any questions before the debate began. There were four groups including us, each with three representatives, from schools in Dublin and Wicklow and Kildare.
We were the third school up and our points very strong. Each of us felt both very nervous and excited when we were about to step up to the podium. All of the students who debated had excellent arguments and put a lot of time and effort into their debates.
In the end it was announced that two teams won, and to our delight we were one of those teams. Myself and my team mates were absolutely delighted with our hard work. We are very happy to be able to say that we are progressing onto the next round and we would like to thank Ms B. for all of her hard work and we greatly appreciate it!


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