Friday, 14 December 2012

Christmas Exams and Trip Out:)

On the 18th of December our school began our annual Christmas Exams. This year Transition Years had 5 exams. This was a nice change as usually we have many more exams. I was tested in English, Irish, Maths, French and Religion. We only had two days of exams, but we had to go in on Thursday as all T.Y.'s had a Christmas party and then headed bowling. I really enjoyed our party as all T.Y.'s were together. I found the bowling great fun as we were able to bound with girls in our year. I bowled with Lisa, Shauna, Eve, Sarah, Kate and Liz. Unfortunately I lost from our lane but I had a great time. We then all went to White Water Shopping Centre in Newbridge for lunch and shopping. When we returned to the school we were officially on our Christmas Holidays! :)

Ballet Trip :)

Today all Transition Years headed to Dun Laoghaire to see a ballet performance. There were two different sections of the ballet which were The Nutcracker and A Christmas Tale. I really enjoyed watching all of the brilliant dancers. There were two girls from our school who danced in this excellent production.
It was very interesting to watch a show where their were no words and the story was told threw dance. I really enjoyed our trip today and found the ballet excellent!


Thursday, 13 December 2012

Workshops :)

This week we did not have our Work Experience and therefor we had three different Workshops in relation to three different charities. My day started off with a talk from Niamh from 'Tócaire'. I found this very interesting as we looked at Millennium Development Goals. This was good as we had been learning about M.D.G.'s in our Religion classes and this gave us an opportunity to look at them from a different angle. We looked at how the 8 goals were connected together. We also choose in order of importance what goals went where. I found this talk very beneficial as we found out what type of work Trócaire do and what countries they help. 

source     trócaire website

After break, we moved to a different talk on 'Concern'. Liam gave us this very interesting Workshop. In this Workshop we learnt about the importance of speaking our opinions and knowing why you have that opinion. We did many little debates within our groups on silly topics. I really enjoyed this talk as it taught me the importance of having an opinion as we are the future.

source  concern website

After lunch, we headed to a talk from 'Self Help Africa' given by Patsy. During this talk we learnt that donating money to charity is not the solution to the poverty of our world. What we have to do to improve the lives of others is to buy fair trade products. When we do not buy fair trade products people in the Third World suffer as they do not get the correct payment as they would  if we bought fair trade products. Even though fair trade products are more expensive they are better for the people in our world. If we want people to have a nice life like us we need to be aware of how we can make a difference to them. I really enjoyed this Workshop as it gave me an eye opener as to how to make a difference to other peoples lives for the better.

 source  self Africa website

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Debating :)

This week I had my second Irish debate with Ciara and Orla. This time our motion was 'The gathering 2013 is a scam'. Our team were against the motion which was a difficult argument. The debate took place in Newbridge. We were all very nervous on the way to the debate , but we had an opportunity to practice in the car. When we arrived at the debate we sat down at our table and waited for the other teams to arrive. The other schools were excellent and had very strong arguments. After hearing all of the schools the adjudicators left the room to choose the two winners. Unfortunately we did not win our debate, but we all had great fun and found it a very beneficial experience. I would like to thank Ms B. for all of her help and we greatly appreciate all that she did to help us :).

Junk Kouture :)

This week, all TY's had our fashion show for Junk Kouture. I was the model for my group which included Kate and Aisling. The theme of our dress is a Tea Pot. The top of our dress is bodess made out of chicken wire and paper machete, and covered with pink tea bags. Along the rim of the bodess we covered it with normal tea bags. We made an arm which looks like the spout of the tea pot. This is covered with pink tea bags. We made a tea cup that sits on a saucer, to hold in my hand. This is covered with plain tea bags. For the skirt we shaped in as a tea pot. It is covered in blue, pink and purple tea bags. We have a hat which acts as the lid of a tea pot, it is covered in blue tea bags. Our shoes are covered in blue tea bags.

I really enjoyed seeing all of the girls beautiful creations and I had a great fun modelling our dress. It was great to have people see our dress after all of our hard work. I really enjoyed the experience I gained from making this outfit from beginning to end.

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Last Day Of Work Experience

I had my last day of  Work Experience this week in a local Primary School. I am very sad that it is over but I had a great time and learnt a lot from all of the teachers. I loved my first Work Experience Placement as all of the teachers and students were very helpful and friendly. I was in with a very nice class for my last day, which was 2nd class. I had been in this class for a full day before and I was familiar with the students. I had a very nice last day I was interacting with the children through their lessons.


I am very sad to say that I am finishing in my first Work Experience Placement, but I am looking forward to starting my second Work Experience Placement in a Veteran Clinic.

Monday, 3 December 2012

Mo Thaithí Oibre :)

Roghnaíonn líon áirthe daltaí in Éirinn tabhairt faoin idirbhliain ar go leor cúiseanna éagsúla. Creideann roinnt daltaí gur deis í an bhliain seo éalú ó chóras na scrudaithe agus úsáid a bhaint as tallain atá acu a chuirtear faoi chois go minic toisc brú ó scrúdaithe stáit.                           source

Toisc go mbíonn béim mhór ar thionscaniamh san idirbhlian forbraítear scileanna sóisialta agus idirphearsana agus is cinnte gur scileanna fíorthábhactacha iad sin.

Bíonn deis ag daltaí freisin táithí oibre a dhéanamh agus is mór an buntáiste seo do chuid mhaith scolaírí.Faoi láthair táim ag obair i Scoil Mochua i gCill Droichid. Bím ag obair i ranganna difriúala gach seachtain. Bím ag cabhrach leis páistaí a n-obair a dheanamh. Bím ag obair in éineacht le Lauren. Tosaíom ag a naoi chloig agus críochnaím an lá ag a fiche chun a trí. Is aoibhinn liom mo thaithí oibre agus táim ag baint an taitnimh as.



Sunday, 2 December 2012

Mini-Company Trip :)

This Friday all Transition Years departed the school and headed to Newbridge for our Mini-Company Trip. This trip was very beneficial for all mini-company groups as Orla was able to make suggestions to individual groups to improve their businesses. We were in the cinema for our talk with another school from Kildare. We were able to hear some of the other mini-companies from our school and the other school. Orla gave us very important information to help us succeed with our companies. I am in a group with Liz, Lisa, Eve, Sarah, Kate, Shauna, Ciara, Orla and Kelsey. Our idea is a step by step hairstyle book, which is called 'Hair Couture'. I really like my group as we all get on very well and are good friends. I am enjoying taking the pictures for our book and making posters to advertise our company. I am really enjoying the experience that I am gaining from our mini-company.