Thursday, 2 May 2013

Gaisce Hike :)

On the 26th of April 33 Transition Year students and three teachers went to the Wicklow Mountains for our Gaisce Hike. When we were on the bus, everyone was very excited for what was ahead of us. When we arrived at Kippure we brought our suitcases into a room and then started straight away on our hike. The hike took us about 3:30 hours. When we got back we were put into our houses. I was in a big house with 15 girls in it. I shared a room with Katie, Liz, Lisa, Shauna and Chanice and we had great fun. We ate our dinner with everyone in our living room and stayed up late talking to everyone. We woke up early Saturday morning and ate our breakfast  Everyone was busy getting ready for the hike and packing their bags. We headed out for our long hike which took us 5 hours. On the bus home it was much quieter than on the way but everyone had a great weekend and were very proud of themselves.

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