Sunday, 20 January 2013

Mini Company :)

Today all TY's had to present their Mini Company projects. We had to set up a display in the hall showing our Hair Couture book and everything that we had to do to make our product. When the judges were going around I began to feel slightly nervous. The judges just asked us a few questions and then they went to their seats in the centre of the hall. They then began to take each group to go and tell them who each person was and what they contributed to the Mini Company. After every group had gone the judges took a few minutes to decide who would be rewarded with a small award and the groups that would be short listed for the competition. I was delighted when we were awarded with the innovation award for my class. We were also put on the short list for the competition. Everyone in my group was absolutely delighted that all of our hard work had payed off :)

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