Friday, 11 January 2013

Work Experience :)

This week I started my second placement of work experience in a local veterinary centre. I started my day feeling slightly nervous but very excited. I went in and was greeted by Laura, my supervisor, and she brought me up to the staff room where she told me a nurse would come and get me. Finnbar, the owner of the veterinary centre, came and shook my hand and told me what I would be doing. Finnbar left to prepare for a surgery, and a nurse came in with a girl from college who I would be working with. We went into the surgery room and watched Finnbar preform three surgeries of neutering two dogs and one cat. This was really interesting as Finnbar asked us many questions in relation to the work he was doing. Finnbar also told us very interesting information about cats that I was unaware of. This was very good as I found I remembered the information better as I had to figure it out. We then watched a fat tumour being removed from a dog. This was very interesting as I got to inject the dog with anestetic before its removal. We then watched Finnbar drain fluid from a dog. This was interesting as we found out the duration, you would keep the tube used to drain the fluid from the body. We then watched the nurses go about their usual days of preparing animals for more surgeries and giving ill animals their medicine. One of the nurses was doing a dental check on a dog and discovered that one of his teeth would need to be pulled out by Finnbar. We then watched Finnbar pulling out the tooth.
I really enjoyed my work experience and found it very interesting. All of the vets and the nurses were very friendly and I am really looking forward to my next of work experience :)

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