Friday, 21 September 2012

The Carlingford Adventure :)

As a year group, we went to Carlingford Adventure Center as part of our Transition Year program to bond as a year. I really enjoyed this as I had a chance to make many new friends as there was forty one girls in my group. I shared a room with seven other girls and I really enjoyed this as we stayed up late talking and getting to know each other better. I found the trip very beneficial as I feel as though I have made very good friends :). I really enjoyed all of the different team activities that we got to do in Carlingford.

After one long day of thrilling activities most of the girls decided to go and get a take away. After eating our delicious dinner we all got into our pyjamas and gathered together to talk about our day. When we went to bed, the girls in my room and myself stayed up talking about our Transition Year experience thus far and ate many of the sweets that we had brought with us.
We woke up very early to have our breakfast and start back into our hectic schedule of tiring activities. I really enjoyed our second day because we were doing team building activities that were really enjoyable and worthwhile. We then did an exciting game of lazer tag which was great fun. We were hidden away in a forest playing many different games with our lazer guns.
It was a very quite journey back on the bus as everyone was absolutely exhausted and in pain from all of the activities we participated in. When I returned home I wished that we could have stayed for just one more day as I enjoyed it so much. I look forward to returning to Carlingford Adventure Center in the very near future.

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