Sunday, 2 December 2012

Mini-Company Trip :)

This Friday all Transition Years departed the school and headed to Newbridge for our Mini-Company Trip. This trip was very beneficial for all mini-company groups as Orla was able to make suggestions to individual groups to improve their businesses. We were in the cinema for our talk with another school from Kildare. We were able to hear some of the other mini-companies from our school and the other school. Orla gave us very important information to help us succeed with our companies. I am in a group with Liz, Lisa, Eve, Sarah, Kate, Shauna, Ciara, Orla and Kelsey. Our idea is a step by step hairstyle book, which is called 'Hair Couture'. I really like my group as we all get on very well and are good friends. I am enjoying taking the pictures for our book and making posters to advertise our company. I am really enjoying the experience that I am gaining from our mini-company.

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