Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Junk Kouture :)

This week, all TY's had our fashion show for Junk Kouture. I was the model for my group which included Kate and Aisling. The theme of our dress is a Tea Pot. The top of our dress is bodess made out of chicken wire and paper machete, and covered with pink tea bags. Along the rim of the bodess we covered it with normal tea bags. We made an arm which looks like the spout of the tea pot. This is covered with pink tea bags. We made a tea cup that sits on a saucer, to hold in my hand. This is covered with plain tea bags. For the skirt we shaped in as a tea pot. It is covered in blue, pink and purple tea bags. We have a hat which acts as the lid of a tea pot, it is covered in blue tea bags. Our shoes are covered in blue tea bags.

I really enjoyed seeing all of the girls beautiful creations and I had a great fun modelling our dress. It was great to have people see our dress after all of our hard work. I really enjoyed the experience I gained from making this outfit from beginning to end.

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