Thursday, 13 December 2012

Workshops :)

This week we did not have our Work Experience and therefor we had three different Workshops in relation to three different charities. My day started off with a talk from Niamh from 'Tócaire'. I found this very interesting as we looked at Millennium Development Goals. This was good as we had been learning about M.D.G.'s in our Religion classes and this gave us an opportunity to look at them from a different angle. We looked at how the 8 goals were connected together. We also choose in order of importance what goals went where. I found this talk very beneficial as we found out what type of work Trócaire do and what countries they help. 

source     trócaire website

After break, we moved to a different talk on 'Concern'. Liam gave us this very interesting Workshop. In this Workshop we learnt about the importance of speaking our opinions and knowing why you have that opinion. We did many little debates within our groups on silly topics. I really enjoyed this talk as it taught me the importance of having an opinion as we are the future.

source  concern website

After lunch, we headed to a talk from 'Self Help Africa' given by Patsy. During this talk we learnt that donating money to charity is not the solution to the poverty of our world. What we have to do to improve the lives of others is to buy fair trade products. When we do not buy fair trade products people in the Third World suffer as they do not get the correct payment as they would  if we bought fair trade products. Even though fair trade products are more expensive they are better for the people in our world. If we want people to have a nice life like us we need to be aware of how we can make a difference to them. I really enjoyed this Workshop as it gave me an eye opener as to how to make a difference to other peoples lives for the better.

 source  self Africa website

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